BFG Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

Let Dolly help you achieve your health & fitness goals by guiding you to healthy lifestyle choices and changes.

  • FUEL-UP! Whether you need to lose weight or would like to learn healthy nutrition habits, FUEL-UP! will provide you with the tools you need.
  • MSBFit:  Dolly has strategies to help women who have Multiple Sclerosis live a healthy life full of energy and vitality.  

Dolly was diagnosed with MS in 2011.  Since her diagnosis, she has developed a program and strategies to help her manage and combat fatigue, weakness, gait and balance problems brought on by MS symptoms.  Through healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes and choices, she has learned to thrive and enjoy high quality of life with MS.  Let her teach you tools that will help you achieve a high-quality of life!

Contact Dolly to schedule your appointment today to get started on your way to living a life full of energy & vitality.

Functional Understanding of Eating for Life - Utilize & Practice!

Have you been yo-yo dieting for years?  Learn how to make lifestyle changes for health!  Learn about healthy nutrition – not a fad diet but a healthy and sound nutritional lifestyle diet that will last forever! Weekly weigh-ins & body composition testing.  

Contact Dolly to schedule your FUEL-UP! appointment today to start changing your body and feeling great!  If you have a small group of BFitGirls who are interested in forming a FUEL-UP! Group, let Dolly know.