July - August 2017

Reach your goals!

Build Burn Cycle & Reform - Cardio, Strength, Endurance.  Indoor cycling, suspension, Pilates reformers, BOSUs, weights, FlexBars, balance equipment.

PilateStrength with Reformer -

improve flexibility, build core strength, enhance posture.  Pilates mat-work and reformer combination.

TripleThreat with HIIT -   ​High Intensity Intervals with Tummies, Tushies and Thigh work!

CardioCore:​  Combination cardio and core workout.  Functional training using various equipment designed to improve your core strength, balance and functional movement.

ALL training sessions must have a minimum of 5 pre-registered to avoid cancellation.


1xweek = $100

2xweek = $200

3xweek = $300

BFitGirl Group Training

Tuesdays & Thursdays

5:45am TripleThreat w/HIIT (Tues); CardioCore (Thurs)

7:00am Build Burn Cycle & Reform (Tues); CardioCore (Thurs)

8:15am Build, Burn, Cycle & Reform (Tues); CardioCore (Thurs)

9:30am PilateStrength with Reformer

1:15pm PilateStrength with Reformer


7:00am PilateStrength with Reformer

8:15am TripleThreat with HIIT