It's time to Get Fit! There's no excuse -- we have plenty of programs to fit your busy lifestyle! 

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Once you Get Fit, our programs will help you Stay Fit!  No more getting in and out of shape!  You'll Stay Fit for life!

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Then...You'll Be Fit!  After a few months on our programs, you'll be the FitGirl you've always wanted to be!

Be Fit!

Get Fit!

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Enjoy the journey to being fit!

The BFitGirl Programs provide women of all ages private fitness training and more!  Whether you are interested in an individualized training program or group personal training, we will help you set and achieve your goals. Our primary focus is helping women of all ages to live a life centered around health & wellness.  We believe that everyone enjoys exercise - they just may not have found the right exercise.  We will help you find what works for your unique body to be strong, healthy & independent for life!
All of our fitness programs include Cardio Fitness, Muscular Strength & Endurance, Core Conditioning, Flexibility Training and Nutritional Guidance.  In additional to a traditional approach to fitness through resistance training, all of our programs incorporate Yoga and Pilates-inspired movement.  We believe that fitness occurs from the inside out through mindful approach to exercise, eating and life.
We don't provide quick fixes - we provide results that last forever! If you are ready to GetFit StayFit & BeFit forever, contact us today.